CAPN Downloads

By using this web page, you expressly agree to take complete responsible for insuring data obtained is safe to use for navigation with any intended vessel; that you will personally check its suitability before use; further that you, your heirs and your estate will hold the authors harmless and free from any claims of loss or injury no matter how  sustained.


The CAPN files are stored as ZIP files that must be expanded using a product such as WinZip.  It is advisable to save the ZIP files in a temporary directory and process them individually.  Each extraction will produce the standard CAPN files ready for importing.

Extracting directly to C: drive will overwrite your own version of Capn_Exported_Marks, so use a separate empty directory;  remember to clear the directory after each import.

To be sure that you paid attention to our warning about using other people's waypoints, we have encrypted each file with a password sentence.  It must be type exactly as shown below, capital "I", single spaces and the period at the end.

I accept all the risks.

Once you have completed the extraction, start The CAPN and go to Route/Marks > Import > Mark & Wpts

Use the left hand drive/folder boxes to find the extracted data.
When correctly selected, you should see the new Marks appear in the right hand box.

Left click on the first (top) mark in the right hand box, then drag the slider on the right side down until you see the last (bottom) mark. Hold down the keyboard <Shift> key and left click on the last mark.
If you did this correctly, all the marks will become highlighted.

Now click the lower middle box called "Import selected Mark(s)"


The ZIP files are rather large, ranging from about 3 to over 13 megabytes of data.  We suggest that you use a high-speed DSL or a speedy Wi-fi connection to download them.

Please only distribute the original ZIP files to you friends and please do check back here for updates.  Drop us an email and let us know whether you found our effort worthwhile.

Click below: 

 to start a download.
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Chris Doyle Guide: Windward Islands, 15th Edition
Chris Doyle Guide: Trinidad and Tobago (+B +G), 3rd Edition
Chris Doyle Guide: Venezuela and Bonaire, 3rd Edition
Bruce Van Sant: Gentleman's Guide to Passages South, 9th Edition
Gotta Go Cruising: The ABC Island's
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