Dominican Republic

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It's 79 nm. to Luperon, so we departed in the afternoon from Big Sand Cay to run overnight and arrive at the harbour entrance in the morning calms. Despite published information about a tricky entry, it's an eyeball entry - just go slow and pay attention to the depth sounder.
Luperon is a destination that receives more publicity than it deserves. We spent too much time here and concluded by hindsight that we should not have stayed.
Cambiaso is a pretty little harbour at L 1954.40' N   Lo 07052.80' W just east of Luperon. You can sail down for an afternoon picnic.
Imbert a busy little town with many hidden secrets.
Isabela is a delightful beach and a short motorcycle ride from Luperon.
Miramar is a place that you have to see to appreciate. The pictures that we took there do not begin to cover the diversity.
Puerto Plata is the land that tourists built, complete with all the amenities and city problems.
Rio San Juan was an interesting side trip to see a possible business venture.
Sosua Beach is primarily tourist country.
Escondido - exit run from the DR