Les Saintes

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We departed Nevis and did an overnight passage skirting Montserrat and heading into Guadeloupe.  It was a quick tuck into Deshaies to tie down the dinghy that had come loose and threatened to break away.
Right back out and down the coast we continued into the morning.  We had decided to drop into marina Rivire Sens to top up fuel and check about getting propane.
Bummer - an earthquake had destroyed most of the marina and there was no propane.  Bonus - we met up  with Keith on Sea of Bream. 
We spent a couple of days anchored just outside the entrance to Rivire Sens and swapped stories with Keith.
While hanging around, this big pelican decided to use our bowsprit to watch for passing fish.
Cleo was VERY interested and stalked him from every conceivable position.  Mr. Pelican got tired of having to keep an eye on her; with a flip of his tail and a splat on the deck, he was gone.
We said our goodbyes to Keith and headed down the coast around Pointe de Vieux-Fort.
We slogged our way across Canel des Saintes; not a long run but poor wind and moderate seas made it uncomfortable.
We anchored right in front of the ferry terminal at Anse du Bourg.  Holding there was marginal and it took a half dozen tries.  Over the time that we were at anchor, we saw numerous boats break away and drift off into deep water.
The town is very quaint.  People are friendly and appreciate it when you try to speak French.  With broken French and lots of hand signals, we had no difficulty getting whatever we wanted; perhaps I should say whatever was available.
There are lots of good little restaurants and fine dining too.  This was the local pizza parlor where the food was good, but the service was dead slow.
As the Captain, it was my duty to sample any large purchases before arranging its transportation back to the ship.  Yep - I think that I might have sample another one to be absolutely sure.
Ah, it's scenic tour time.  Notice - a very old Catholic church.
Gee - old church has electronic bell chimes, dongs and dings every quarter hour and look, an electronic billboard too.  Boy these priests  are right on top of things here.
This is the town main street.  I love it because there is no traffic.  Most people get around on 50 to 100cc scooters; annoyingly noisy but they're not gas guzzlers.
Nice little park just in front of the government building.
A convenient archway directly into the park, so that employees won't have to waste valuable lunchtime.
The afore-mentioned government building which I must say sports a jaunty Caribbean decor.  Not the least bit depressing like the mausoleums that North American architects foist upon the public.
Even the "Seat of power" exudes a light self-deprecating aura, refreshingly lacking the pomposity usually displayed by officialdom.
Off to one side, this model serves to remind the members of their roots and the heritage of the island people.
Outside a more frivolous monument is dedicated to island seafarers who lost their lives to an unforgiving sea.
Speaking of unforgiving, Cleo has become a really "cool cat."
Admiral (mom) won her over first with lots of kisses and snuggles.
Captain (dad) gets to hold her now and this is tolerated.
The Boyz are unimpressed, but we're seeing some jealousy from Lat.  He is not the least bit adverse to pushing her out of the way and taking over as the official receiver of petting.