Oswego Marina had earned a bad reputation with cruisers because of a former gnarly employee who has (been) retired. Our trepidation was assuaged by really pleasant staff and good service.

 I.N.S. &

Clearing into the USA requires talking to I.N.S. and Customs.  These departments are being blended slowly into "Homeland Security."  There is a videophone on the northwest side of the Marina Bldg. It connects you to I.N.S. and they will want to see each and every person with documentation standing in front of the videophone. (One at a time - group photos not allowed.)

After you finish with I.N.S., you will have to call Customs and request a Cruising License.  They will want the Owner/Skippers name and address and full particulars on the vessel.  If you're non threatening (or just lucky), they may fax the Permit directly to the Marina.  But you might just as easily get a free inspection.  Don't be worried.  The process is simple, polite and very professional.

The Gin pole is rudimentary but gets the job done.  It's worth reading the instructions on the fence, before tying up under the pole.  Because we were demasting for the Erie Barge Canal, we used the opportunity to do some provisioning in town.