Erie (Oswego Branch)

We were in such a hurry to get the mast on deck and make the first locking that we forgot to take a picture of Lock 8. We purchased a "Season Pass" so that we would not be rushed.
The canal system goes from Buffalo to the Hudson River at Troy, NY.  The Oswego branch starts in the middle with a series of lifts to Lock 23. The lifts continue, you cross Lake Oneida and reach maximum altitude between Locks 21 & 20.  Then it's all descents to the Hudson.
Lock 8 is deceptively simple with wide passage for vessels.

It's only part way along that you realize only a narrow wall separates you from the rapids below on the starboard.

It's a very short run down the canal, but the open gates of Lock 7 are a safe refuge from a disaster conjured by imagination.
With Lock 7 behind, things slow down a wee bit and you can catch your breath.
As more Locks are negotiated, the distance and time increases to the point that scenery can be appreciated.  We kept churning up the lifts and stopped at Lock 23 for the night.