Erie Barge Canal (1)

Day two the in the canal started in a light fog at Lock 23.
This is one of the prettiest grounds that we've seen.
As well as the Lock 23 there is also a mammoth Guard Gate.  The gate locks off the canal from adjacent river flooding and is used to keep the lock free of ice during winter.

We were not the only boat making a mad dash across Lake Oneida.  The lake is shallow with an east west axis that can be whipped into a frenzy of waves.  (Not good for masts only lashed by rope to decks.)

Our passage, in under two hours, was uneventful.  Coming into Sylvan Beach, we were greeted by this pretty sight.
Sylvan Beach has all the trappings of cottage life.
We were treated to our first amateur boater who had no idea how to  keep his wake under control.  The mud, debris and tree branches swept by his wake into the canal was disgusting.
The miles clicked away as we ploughed through New York heartland.
This is a seriously large Guard Gate separating two river systems.
Closer view of the Gate.
Small dam just past the gate gate.
Formerly rotting docks and pilings, this newly constructed  park and concrete wall show major effort is going into tourism here.
Everywhere we looked people were enjoying the water and seemed genuinely friendly.
This was the mate to the prior Guard Gate