Erie Barge Canal (2)

Every now and then, the darnedest houseboats would show up.
Just kidding - actually this is a canal dredger.
Just when you thought the canal was safe, you get buzzed by one of these!

Here we go again - Lock 10.

The first trick is to grab a rope or get your own rope around at drop cable.  Like anchoring this can result in raised voices and apologies later.
We're in Lock 10 and as you can see over the gates, this is going to be a decent drop.
Usually there were other vessels accompanying us.
The doors closing behind us.
Down we go.  For the record, down is easier than up because there is less turbulence within the Lock itself.
Doors opening ahead of us.  When leaving watch out for eddies swirling at the mouth from the water drained from the Lock.
Away we go - no dents or scratches!
All Locks attract an audience, so be prepared to chat and answer all manner of questions.
Lock 17 was a dandy.  The two buildings house the motors to lift the doors. The white slab is concrete used as a counterweight.
We are only down halfway at this point.
At the bottom, the door lifts and we exit by passing under it.
It's a little nerve racking to think of the weight hanging overhead.
The smiles just about sum it all up.
This would be much more intimidating coming in from this side!