Hudson River (1)

Once you exit the Troy Federal Lock from the Erie, you are on the Hudson River.
We thought this was just for show, but later we saw this sailing down at Newburgh.  Who'd have guessed?
Everywhere you look there are Power Boat Clubs.

One of the very best "Castleton on the Hudson" is a Mecca for sail boaters.  The people here just knock you over with hospitality.

This is a wonderful "self-help" club where the members take part in doing everything.  If you rollup your sleeves and give a hand, you're a very welcome guest.  BTW - draft beer is a buck a pint, so live it up and buy a few rounds.
For a flat fee, you can use the Gin pole and erect your own mast.  It's a do it yourself, so usually a couple of boats get together and trade manpower and expertise. Because you're right on the Hudson, passing boats and wake make this a challenge.
For a variety of reasons, we opted not to use the Castleton Gin pole.  We continued down the Hudson.  This is one of many Lighthouses marking the channel limits.
A slightly better view.
We chose Riverview Marina at Catskill Creek to put up our mast.  The process was not without event with one load hailer crushed (fixed gratis) and personally crashing eight feet to the deck while installing the backstay Questus mount. Lucky - just a few bruises.
Underway again, we met this barge just past a bridge, 3 knots of current against us  and in the narrowest part of the channel. 
It's fairly common here for the tugs to jam their prow into a cleft in stern of the barge and push from the rear.  The tug is controlled from the upper pilothouse.  At night these are lit-up like a Christmas tree.
Another lighthouse.
And another.
And another!