Hudson River (2)

As you get closer to New York City, the facilities become few and far between. We chose to spent a night at Newburgh with friends on "Nootka Dancer" and new friends on "Free Radical."  The friends were great, but you should avoid this place like the plague!
The marina charges $2.75 a foot and you're put on the outer dock face completely without protection. There are multiple restaurants here where the food is average and the prices are astronomical.
In the afternoon, three Donzi's did speed trials 100 feet off the docks.  Boats were flying everywhere.  When we brought this to the Dock Master's attention, he said they came from another marina and "He'd get them next year."  We were dealing with a complete idiot here!

This is the first peek at "West Point" when approaching from the north.  You have to get around the bend in the river aptly named "The Race."

If you think this is an interesting structure, "You ain't seen nut'n yet!."
Now that's a building!  This is U.S. Military Academy West Point.
Boats use to be allowed to tie up and take the West Point tour.  Since 9-11, security has been tightened and it's no longer allowed.  That's a real shame because the tour is absolutely incredible.  The moored boats are West Point's.
Click here to take a small tour of West Point.
You need a wide angle lens to take in the size of this facility. It faded into the mists as we continued downstream.
There is a rather large gap in photographs here because the rain started to pour down and fog closed visibility down to one quarter mile.  We ran some four or five hours on the radar again.
We ran out of the fog and bang there was the first big bridge we'd actually seen.
I told the crew that we were going to be going through the "Big Apple," but as you can see they were not impressed.  With threading all the restricted "Security Zones" and dodging the area cordoned off where the "Staten Island Ferry" sank, we have no pictures of N.Y. City.
As we passed 9-11 ground zero, we lowered the flags to half-mast and dipped the Canadian flag in respect to America's fallen.  I too remembered my former Univac associate Ken Basnicki, also cut down by this senseless crime.
Winds were reported NW 10-15, favourable for a run to Cape May; so we pulled an overnighter and headed out onto the Atlantic.