Cape May

The ride to Cape May was wild.  I wish NOAA would get their Ouija board repaired.  Winds were N 25 gusting 35 and seas were running 25 feet.  It dropped off early the next morning but it was some trip.
Cape May is one of the US Coast Guard's strong holds.  This is one of the USCG's smaller cutters.
It's possible to anchor here but we were so beat-up and cold that we chose to stay at Utsch's Marina.  Nice place catering to the fishing crowd.  Floating docks with piles, really jammed together tightly.
We slept, made the obligatory walk to West Marine (just over the bridge) and waited a weather window for the jump to Norfolk.  We opted for the outside passage that would run some 155 nm. and a full days sail wind permitting.