ICW 52

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This is Elizabeth City's waterfront and you can just made out Meridian Chaser's Canadian flag waving in the breeze.
Elizabeth City is wonderful, quaint, boater friendly and famous for the "Rose Buddies."
The last living "Rose Buddy" is Fred Fearing (on the right). He and his helpers see that boaters are greeted every day.  Every evening Fred hosts a wine and cheese party where he presents each Lady with a rose.
At the party, we met USPS P/C Dave Burt and wife Laurie of Hampton Squadron. Being a CPSS Past Commander myself, we spent the evening comparing notes on Boater Safety educational initiatives.
There were many attendees and this evening the majority were from  Canada and flew CPSS flags.
While everybody chatted up a storm, Fred sat quietly taking it all in and interjecting comment from time to time.
The weather here is delightful shirt sleeve temperatures; so we took a couple of days off and poked around the town provisioning.  The prices are good and the shops and people are wonderful.
We took in a parade.
We attended band competition.
More parade!
More parade!
Our neighbours Len and Carol Abbate broke their "Topping lift" and the line had disappeared into the mast.  So we spent a day fishing it out with them.
But distant skies are beckoning.