ICW 53 to 181

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Just south of Elizabeth City on the way to Albamarle Sound, we noticed that only one of two Aerodromes was standing.  We surmised that hurricane Isabelle had taken its toll.  There was a lot of damage done through this area.
Albamarle Sound has a nasty reputation for kicking up frightful seas.  As you can see, this was our lucky day.
We spent a wonderful evening in a little anchorage below the Wilkerson Bridge in a hook of the Pungo River.
We ran hard and fast the next day but first stopped at Dowry Creek Marina.
Here's the welcoming committee.
After taking on fuel and water, we were underway.  We had great weather and miles of scenery to absorb.  This was on the Pamlico River near Goose Creek Island.
We had tried to anchor in Bonner Bay but shoaling had moved the (unmarked) channels, so we hightailed it to Broad Creek.  Much further up the creek than mentioned in the "Guides" was this delightful anchorage.
Next morning we went into Oriental, North Carolina, to visit their really good chandlery.
Oriental is a busy little port.
It has a good mix of pleasure craft.
It has a shipping and commercial fishing fleet too.
The only drawback is a short bridge that blocks sailboats from what could be a great gunk hole.
Ah - here comes the Admiral with today's booty!