ICW 436 to 522

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After grinding down the ditch, we entered Charleston Harbour to be greeted to a nasty little chop with lots of salt water spray.  Oh well, time to scrub the boat again!
Although we have seen Charleston before and were not inclined to stop, we still appreciate its fine architecture.
The downtown skyline before the bridge.
This is a major stopping point for the "South-bounds."  Poor marina for sailboats and wicked tides make anchoring out more attractive.
We opted to take a left, head up to Stono River and hang on the hook near Buzzards Roost Point.  Don't try Elliot's cut on anything but a flood slack, unless your boat can do 12 knots.
Next day we motor past more scenery.
The heck with the scenery - we love the sun!
Tonight we anchored up Parrot Creek without another boat anywhere in sight. We watched the Sun gently kiss the Earth goodnight.