ICW 587 to 707

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We headed on down the "Ditch" into Georgia.  One of our favourite stops was at Fort Frederica near St. Simons Island.  This is a National Monument to a British Garrison built to defend against the Spaniards.
The landing dock off the Frederica River is like a gallery picture from the "Old South."  Kudzu veils the ancient trees blocking out sunlight to the vegetation below.
The walk up from the dock passes through a woodland of towering trees older than the Fort itself.
This gnarled tree trunk stood in muted contrast to its neighbours.
Canons stand silent now, where once they barked their defiance to Spanish buccaneers.
Unfortunately, little remains of the original buildings.  The park encompasses both the Fort and the adjacent town.
This is a beautiful and almost idyllic anchorage where you can spend days quietly reading or reflecting on life.
Meridian Chaser waits patiently to head south again.
Next stop was St. Marys Georgia up the St. Marys River.  This is a quiet little marina with a commercial fishing history.
Even the town has a marine presence with a launch ramp and limited floating docks.
The waterfront has a rather nice park.
The park is reminiscent of old south architecture with a modern facade.
The walk from the park joins the town's coast road.  It boasts numerous restaurants and novelty shops.
A very short walk brings you to the main street. Again, more little shops and lots of quaint old homes to view.  All appear to be well kept and in some instances are historical projects.
We were struck by the elegant simplicity of this little church.