ICW 708 to 775

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We have seen wildlife on this trip, but they have been elusive.  This little guy seemed quite oblivious to our photographic capture.
Florida is the beginning of "Bridge Country," by which we mean there are all kinds of low bridges that you have to negotiate.
In many instances, the bridges are on a schedule and you cannot pass through when vehicular traffic is heavy (Morning, noon and evening rush-hours.)
You call ahead on the VHF radio and at the Bridge Master's convenience you are allowed to pass.
Here we approach a double bascule bridge.  You have to watch very carefully.  We had friends have a bridge dropped onto them while traversing.  They sustained major damage and the state authorities attitude was , "Ok, sue us!"
It's not unusual for the water to race through the cut because of tidal flow.  This makes for tricky boat handling and there is the chance that being swept sideways could jam the mast or rigging into the bridge.
This stretch of the ICW seems to drip with money.
Really nice.
AH - even a place for your boat.
We had a really cold night with frost on the hatches.  "Lat" parked himself in front of the ceramic heater and wouldn't share.