ICW 953 to 1018

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Despite the best of weather forecasts, conditions can change rapidly in hot moist climates.  As we entered Lake Worth, a squall ripped through with 30 Knot winds gusting to 40.  Anchoring was very exciting!
Within 4 hours, you would not know that there had even been a storm.
Lake Worth (north) is a big popular anchorage with several "Big Boat" private marinas.  The main attractions are the Publix (shopping) and West Marine (fixing) stores, both within walking distance.
Access to shopping is via a small beach up the creek at the north east end of the anchorage.  Sometimes there are so many dinghies that you have to circle waiting for someone to leave.  There is a serious drawback however!
While we were here two engines (locked on the transom) were stolen.  Thieves used a crowbar to snap off the engine mount locking levers.  The Police do write up an incident report, but nothing is really done.  We decided to do our small bit to warn unsuspecting boaters!
Normally the anchorage is tranquil with the exception of local fisherman and the buzzing of dinghies going to and fro.
All manner and sizes of boat, stage here preparing for the jump off to the northern Bahamas.  It's a short run to Peanut Island and  Lake Worth's inlet to the Atlantic Ocean.
Some of our friends in Toronto might recognize this pretty boat!
We missed our initial weather window. The generator nearly caught on fire when the water inlet plugged with a plastic bag.  The  safety sensor failed to shutdown the unit for over-temperature. More repairs!
Ten days later another good weather window and off we go. Rounding Peanut Island we noted a flurry of construction.
Looks like a new bridge going in here! Goody - just what the ICW needs, another damned bridge.  We're out of here!