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Entry by water is easy at the east end with lots of depth. Keep east of the huge rock and away from the charter boat mooring lines.
Even in a stiff easterly blow, the water is dead flat and holding is good.
It's quite alright to go ashore and frolic with the locals. There's a steady stream of bikini clad tourists to watch.
If the wind goes N to NE, the bay gets choppy and you would not be advised to anchor overnight.
It is possible to rent horses and explore the area thoroughly.
Here's a local business whose entire yearly advertising budget was a can of spray paint.  Worked for us!
If you get thirsty, you can ask one of the enterprising young men to fetch you some fresh coconut juice. When he tosses it down, do not try to catch it unless you want broken fingers or worse.
I don't know what it is, but what a delightful view.