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This beach is open to the public and you can walk out into the ocean at least 100 meters. The water is warm and crystal clear.  What a relief from the Luperon  harbour cesspool.
A young local lad, oblivious to my presence, was sitting under a small tree.  He was playing hauntingly beautiful tunes on a little flute, just for his own amusement. He did not want money.
Up the beach is a small outdoor cafe where the catch of the day is lugged up the beach, dispatched while you wait and served deep fried and delicious. With a cold beer - unbelievable!
The young patron here was amused by the camera. Conversation with the parents ensued and it turns out that this couple owns "Canada Goose." The prior owners of the vessel were former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot and Margaret Trudeau.
We had a catastrophic failure of our Nikon digital camera here, so we lost other interesting Isabella photos.  Go there yourself and take some for us! You won't be sorry.