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Miramar sits on the upper plain of Cabo Isabela overlooking the Rio Bajabonico flowing into the ocean.
Nearby is El Castillo, purported to be ruins of the first settlement of Europeans founded by Columbus in 1493. There's not much left of the site because Trujillo's minions bulldozed the area to "Clean it up."
The property of Miramar is extensive and stretches from the heights down to the river valley where the owners made an incredible archaeological discovery. We'll get to that a few pictures onward.
What you are looking at is the tireless effort of one man "Eugene" and his faithful spouse "Lise-Anne."
Part of the gardens.
Silent alcove with the hotel / restaurant in the background.
Walking through the property to the main building.
Restaurant structure from the garden.
Lisa-Anne and protector entering the restaurant.
The dining area - we had lunch and dinner here several times. The food was reasonably priced and very good.
Driveway through property.
The secret herb garden.
Living quarters.
Quarters kitchen.
Quarters sleeping accommodations.
Rest area.
While excavating near the river, caves were found with beautifully intact relics. Initially, the Dom. Republic government had no interest in preserving any relics.
There were so many, the owners built a tiny museum to house the best pieces before they were destroyed.
This find is ancient Taino civilization; the items are whole pieces, not broken shards that need reconstruction.
As amateur archaeologists the removal seemed sensible but unfortunately the site is forever damaged for proper cataloguing by professionals in the future.
Drive through the property to Rio Bajabonico.
Flood area.
Hand cleared roadway.
Rio Bajabonico
Arboreal nests.
Gravesite of probable European origin.
Walk to the beach.
Oceanfront property.