Puerto Plata

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Take the tours and get Puerto Plata out of the way. Then you can come back to shop for all the stuff that you cannot get in Luperon.  We started at Ocean World.
Pools of seals - yawn.
White tiger!
Orange tiger - neither indigenous to the DR. It's a zoo, what do you expect?
Trained seal.
Trained attendant.
Future marina at Ocean World proper.
Spanish architecture sometimes survives the modern bulldozer.
Part of the same building.
Downtown plaza where the money changers ply their trade.
The old town Meeting Rotunda restored in the central plaza.
We can't remember the name of this statue but he looks cold out there.
The Puerto Plata tour takes you to the Brugal Rum bottling plant.
We were just in time to see the production line jam up and come to a grinding halt.  These guys don't seem worried.  We wondered if they had to put the extras back.
Ah - here's the problem. That little thing-a-ma-jig is suppose to be connected to the what-ya-ma-call-it over there.
No problemo - we'll just take a little break.
This is the morning's production. Do you think devil rum is popular in Hispaniola?
Traffic light, interesting shot - took it.
The tour stopped at a Carnival Mask Museum. I tried to look interested but I just could not get into the spirits.
Wendy, from s/v Off Call, looks extremely keen. I told her that this picture would not make it into the website. Sorry Wendy, you can beat me up later.
Nearly done - back on the buses folks.