Rio San Juan

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Rio San Juan is a fishing town some 40 miles east of Puerto Plata.  A local resort was for sale and several chaps hanging out at Marina Luperon went down to explore investment opportunities.
From the water,
onto the beach,
toward main complex,
past the beach huts,
up the walkway and
into the restaurant.
The bar,
the bar maids (see potential investor smile),
meeting area,
other side,
and bar from the back.
Lots of partial construction awaiting money.
Even the trees seem confused by all the possibilities and pitfalls.
Footnote: The guys did invest and are trying to make a go of it. At last contact with them, they had aged considerably and were much poorer.
Laguna GRI GRI
Not much room here for Meridian Chaser.
The beaches are great.
The sunsets are even better.