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Sosua, a resort town east of Puerto Plata, is popular because of its beautiful beaches. Years ago, we had spent time here and had looked forward to seeing it again.
Sadly the hotels and tourist vultures have taken over. Walking around reminds you that the "Tourist" is a blight in developing cultures.
The water is a swimmer's delight.
The beaches are clean, but swarms of "hawkers" accost you every step of the way, enticing you to purchase trinkets and trash.
The bay is easily accessible by boat, but it is a busy anchorage and being located just east of the airport is noisy.
If you rent a chair and shade tree, you can have a great view.  Just wave a hand and one of the Boys will come running with beer in an ice bucket.
You can find shaded retreats but you will still be hassled.
Better to browse the vendor shops for better deals than offered by the beach hawkers.