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With a cold front still barreling down on top of us, we continued our mad dash out of the Dominican Republic. This was an offshore 145 nm. run bypassing Punta Cana entirely.
Winds were initially variable with a 3 ft. swell, but during the night the wind went NE favoring sail over motor. We averaged 5.7 knots across the Mona Passage getting in the next day. As a Canadian flagged vessel, we had to use an official port of entry like Mayaguez.
Homeland Security is in the long beige building at the far end of the harbour. We were treated very professionally here. Unfortunately, I had to go to Customs House (take a cab) to obtain a $19 Cruising License. That took nearly half a day of screwing around with paperwork.
The trip, paperwork and cab rides left us frazzled. The anchor was holding quite well so we had a light dinner and went to bed. Mayaguez is a shipping terminal with little to view, so next morning we departed early for Boqueron.