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It's a 3 hour hop from Mayaguez to Boqueron, but it wasn't  uneventful.  It seems that the buoys marking the passage through the reefs were missing. Van Sant's waypoints were accurate.
At anchor facing NE is BOC Nautico Yacht Club. Although they have fuel  pumps, they do not serve boats.  "Doggie Gas," who comes across the street, through the Club, fills your boat. Diesel  was 75.7 per liter dockside and 59.4, if you carried it from the station. Take your dinghy to a mangrove path NE behind the BOC docks.
View at anchor facing E is the town dock and entrance to the condo project.  Visitors to the Condo are not welcome. The condo entrance is blocked by an automated lift gate, which also serves as a bridge to the Public Park.
View at anchor facing SE is the extensive Public Park. There are change facilities, showers, gazebos, marked protected swim zone,  security patrols and a vigilant Police boat.  The beach is clean and wonderfully maintained.
View at anchor facing south is open space with lots of anchoring room.  This is a good place to get away from the rowdier noise of downtown.
View of the harbour from the town dock.  Most of the boats out there were anchored with nobody onboard. The town dock is at the T-junction of the main street and the shore drive.
The hub of activity is T-junction or El Schamar's. On the weekend, you have to push through crowds of young college kids. The streets are packed with hundreds of very expensive motorcycles, mostly Japanese road racers.  It was a visit back to my youth, but without the fights.
Standing at T-junction looking north on a weekday.
Standing at T-junction looking east on a weekday.
On the weekend, this area is blocked off from traffic, but it makes no difference. The youth jam the place solid, having a good time and venting gallons of pheromones.
For the more sedate, waltz down to Galloway's for great dining. We had drinks, appetizers, 18 inch racks of baby back ribs and apple cobbler dessert.  With a 15% gratuity, got out for $50 US.
If you are looking for transportation or help checking in with Custom - Immigration call Raul Santiago (Rolling Thunder). He has a nice Dodge van to carry you and your crew anywhere that you need to go.
Looking for Internet or a haircut? Walk 300 meters up the main street to this building. Boqueron travel has high-speed wireless and the Unisex hair salon is right next door.