La Parguera

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We decided to take a short hop to Cabo Rojo and then work east to
La Parguera.  This turned out to be a poor decision.
Cabo Rojo is a big inviting anchorage, however, it is irregularly shallow all over the place. The sounder goes from 10 to 5 to 7 to even less, all within a few hundred feet. Rocks? Sand? Coral? We anchored out in 10 feet off the lighthouse rather than work in tight.
"Not a nice night," said the Admiral. Wind holds you facing east and swell comes from the south. Try a swell bridle on that my friends.
Bright and early, we were into La Parguera. The charts show a plethora of reefs guarding the entrance, but there is a clearly marked channel to get you inside the inner set. The area is quite open and you get wind chop, but the Caribbean swell does not get inside.
On the waterfront the town core has hotels , a number of dive operations and water tour operators; all vying for business. It's just small town action and not overwhelming. This feels more like cottage life and visiting Cruisers are welcome.
The shoreline is dotted with a eclectic mix of houses and fishing shacks sitting on stilts.
Everyone seems to have all the normal amenities, power, water, ice, booze and satellite TV.
Notice the boat-port that was made to measure!
Even the pelicans are laid back and sit on the roofs
rather than on the boats.
There is no official dinghy dock but the dive operators will let you come ashore. First thing you see (closed here) are little food / booze shops, which I must say do a bustling business with the locals.
The town square is right next door and except for weekends
is rarely busy.
Even the dogs are laid back!
A short walk up the road brings you to a mini-market. Food, drinks, groceries, stainless hardware, plumbing, paint - quite the mix.
Just a little further, a favorite watering hole, GuacoTaco offers Mexican fare.
If you do not want Mexican, walk further and arrange a dive trip. Maybe they'll let you keep a fish for dinner.
Another 20 meters, there is the ATM and the bakery. Lucerne Bakery also serves a good inexpensive breakfast.
You can walk around town and see all manner of nicely maintained homes. People smile, wave and chat.
If you walk the other direction from the square, you will pass the resorts and fishing shops. At the first intersection by the church, walk up the main road to El Muelle plaza.
The plaza has restaurants, supermarket, pharmacy, postal station, beauty salon, book exchange and a Laundromat. Right next door is a gas station that even stocks marine supplies.
There is a much better marine supplier in town. It's a fair walk, but you could hitchhike, to "Marina Vistas de La Parguera." West Marine, it is not,  but they have a lot of the little things that you always need.