Gilligan's Island

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On the charts, it's Cayos de Canos Gorda, but everyone refers to it as Gilligan's Island. It's reminiscent of the old TV show by the same name.
The park's people have named the island Cayo Aurora, so I guess that's official, if not popular. Local people come over by ferry to escape the drudgery of daily living.
The island itself has been Americanized with picnic tables, fire pits, swimming zones, etc. etc. etc.  It's pretty well empty on weekdays but look out weekends - crowds, Seadoos and party animals galore.
Across the bay is Punta Jacinto, from where the ferry boat originates.
It's a quaint little village with an active fishing community.
You can sit out in the sun and catch a few rays, or ...
Hide under the trees at Jacinto Restaurant and quaff a cool brew. Take the bug spray, because the critters are ravenous too.
You would think that with such a tranquil bay, that vegetating was in order. Not true! We spent two days scrubbing slime off the bottom of the boat.  Bottom painting has moved up the to-do list.