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The only protected anchorage in Ponce is out front
of the Ponce Yacht and Fishing Club.
Anchoring off is a problem with boat crowding and 30 ft depths making it a very uncomfortable stay. There is no official dinghy dock and the Club charges a small fee for access to their property.  We took a slip. Good docks, good water - but electricity is expensive.
Ponce Yacht & Fishing Club is not truly geared to transient Cruisers. There is no laundry, no internet access and it is a $8 taxi ride to almost everything. Food is mediocre and drinks are Yacht Club priced.
You must remember that PYFC is not a marina; most of the club facilities are reserved for "Members Only." Members have a 1/4 mile running track, workout room with weight machines, a nice pool, open air dance floor and a fine dining lounge.
PYFC has a well located fuel dock, a 70 ton travel lift and service yard for repairs. This is no chandlery onsite and mechanics and technicians are called in to service boats. We saw several major refurbishing jobs being tackled in the yard.
We had a close look at the work going on in the yard and liked the workmanship. It was well past the time to refresh the ship's bottom paint.
We were lifted into the yard, mast up, dinghy attached and power was connected. Except for the ladder climb and the fact that the internal temperature of the boat climbed to 90F, we were fairly comfortable.
When we had the ablative Micron CSC blasted away, we very pleased to find no blisters or imperfections in the 8 coats of the underlying Inter-protect. We re-primed and applied 4 coats of Interlux Micron 66.
"Long" was more than a little unnerved by all the hubbub.
Across from the Club is the Malecon (boardwalk), a hive of activity on weekends. The city fathers have spent a fortune on developing the waterfront and it's party central there. Forget sleeping - go to the Malecon and get wild.
The main harbour is typical of any industrial port. Extensive docks, cranes and lifts crowd the shoreline. A constant flow of commercial vessels ply the water.  Ponce is in the midst of a major dredging project to improve access to the city core.