Bahia de Jobos

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Bahia de Jobos is a nice little out-of-the-way spot where you are protected whether you anchor inside or outside the bay.
We met a friend from Salinas who offered to take us for a small tour of the area.  We were surprised by the height of the hills (small mountains) that fill the interior of Puerto Rico
The vegetation is vibrantly rich.
We are more than a thousand feet above sea level and the air is very moist but cool.
On the brow of one mountain, we came across this monument.  It was beautifully maintained, but there wasn't a soul there. A stone wall protects the statue, but the dedication plaque was too far away to read the inscription. Even with a telephoto lens, it was too weather worn to capture.
However, these plaques on an adjacent wall explained everything.
How's your Spanish?
Soon we were off again and headed back to the boat.  We were a little concerned because we had a new boat guest.
This is Cleo (Nautical theme: Constellation Leo) a sweet little cat that we rescued from drowning in Salinas.  We were told she was Siamese but we think she is Birman or a Rag Doll.  When we got her, she had been abused, was scared and came with a bucket of attitude.
If you tried to touch her, she went over on her back and became saber toothed dervish.  My first attempt to put her inside the boat resulted in three tooth punctures and fifteen bleeding scratches to my hand. We knew this was going to be a challenge, but not this much.
By this time, she had been with is two weeks.  The adjustment was going well, but leaving her locked down below with the two other cats was touchy.  Surprise, surprise - no blood!