British Vigin Islands

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We had been through the BVI's several years ago, so we had little interest in spending a lot of time here again.  We made tracks straight through to Virgin Gorda. 
The Bitter End Yacht Club had made several improvements on their property; they continue to appeal to the "Deep pocket crowd."
I particularly liked this hammock off the beach path.
Our favorite hang out is still Saba Rock.  It's not cheap but the atmosphere is more laid back.  They put on a nightly buffet that's incredible and will have you waddling back to the dinghy.
New crew member "Cleo" is adapting to sea life and becoming playful.  You still have to dodge those claws when she gets excited.  Each of the Boyz has  given her a good thrashing when she's pushed the envelope a bit too far.
By and large the guys stick together and ignore her.  We are seeing signs of acceptance and the territorial squabbles have diminished.
Here Cleo is being very cute and tries supplicating to Long, but he's not impressed and ignores her overtures.
Jeez - what's a girl got to do around here?