Rodney Bay

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We made a mad dash to Rodney Bay Marina, where they were offering two slips for the price of one.  If there was a hurricane, our plan was to tie up centered between two fingers .
Rodney Bay Marina is inside another bay east of Rodney Bay.  The entrance is narrow which kills surge, the fetch is negligible, hills provide some wind shielding and trees (flying debris) are sparse.
The inner bay is pleasant and we were pleased to see very few boats anchored off the docks.  We did not want boats dragging down on us during a storm.
We had just come from the clutter of Le Marin.  This whole area was looking far better than we had expected.
Only this wreck abandoned in  the harbour gave us any concern.  Later we found out  that years before, it had caught fire at the dock and had been towed out to sink.  Storm or no, it wasn't moving anywhere.
We noticed friends on El Shaddai at anchor, so we stopped by to chat.  They said that they were going to take a slip for the impending storm.
Captain's declaration: "Implement Hurricane Preparedness Plan A"
We arranged for a double slip, spider web lashed onto two fingers, took down the sails, stowed the canvas, removed everything topside, topped off the diesel, added more water, purchased food and booze.
With everything done, we hunkered down for the blow.  Naturally, the storm came through at 4 a.m.  It was a non-issue with winds under 50 knots, torrential rain (found a new leak) and two foot waves slapping the transom.  The eye had passed 20 nm. north of our location.
We were very thankful for our good fortune and ecstatic to find out that no boats were damaged nor persons hurt in Rodney Bay. Within a day or two the weather cleared and we started to explore.
There is a constant flow of boats that come in and anchor a night or two, then move onward.
The local charter boats do a booming business taking tourists up and down the coast.
Lots of dive boats and water-taxis ferry people to and fro.  Most of the people seem to come from outside the Marina.
Here are a few of the "Booze Cruise" catamarans.
You can even take S/V Unicorn out for a "Pirate's of the Caribbean" flavour cruise.
Rodney Bay Marine is a very nice facility with washrooms, showers, pool, shops and eateries.  All kinds of businesses have sprung up around the place.  The businesses offer Wi-Fi as an attraction, but the service by Cable and Wireless is down more often than not.
Right on the dock entrance path is Caf Ol.  They have a light fare menu, but more importantly, they have Italian style ice cream. 
Watch out - it's addictive!
Just next door south is Scuttlebutts, a more upscale restaurant.
Conveniently adjacent to Scuttlebutt's bar is a clean fresh water pool which is available to marina guests.
Just next door north is "The Bread Basket," with a mixed menu of moderately priced food; quite popular with locals.
At one end of the main complex, you have a real Royal Bank of Canada and its associated ATM. Unfortunately, it moved to another location after we departed.
All sorts of support businesses occupy tenant leases.  There's Island Water World, electronic shops, a sail loft, laundry and propane service and much more.  There's a nice convenience store too.
At the other end of the main complex you have First Caribbean Bank and its associated ATM.
There's even an Art Galley to browse.
Rodney Bay Marina has a fair number of charter boats based here.
The main docks are fixed concrete and have survived many tropical storms and hurricanes.  My only complaint is the 220 volt 50 cycle power.  North American boats need a transformer that the Marina will rent out at exorbitant fees.  It was cheaper to run our generator.
This is the quieter end of A-dock, where we decided to stay while hurricane season unleashed its furry.
Meridian Chaser almost ready to head south again.
The sign says it all.  Rodney Bay appreciates its guests and wants their repeat business.
Oh, by the way, if you decide to stay here, make a note of this.  In the last finger of the inner bay, there is a dingy dock. You can make out its signage, The white sign on the brown fence (1/4 of the way from the left edge of this photo). There's groceries, pharmacy, doctor's, pizza, etc..
You can get a lot of things at the Marina complex stores, but for real choice and often better prices - try the Mall.
This is the scale of the grocery store.